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Identity Management

Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is an important part of every organization's IT security plan. What are the processes for new users to be added to network systems? How do users authenticate and obtain the authorization to access network resources? How will users access cloud-based and software as a service (SaaS) applications outside the network? How can IT ensure that users who have left the organization have had their access properly disabled? How can users be empowered with self-service solutions to reduce reliance on the IT help desk and increase productivity? StrategicLink Consulting IAM solutions answer these questions and more with a standards-based approach to IAM built on Microsoft technologies. StrategicLink Consulting solution developers are experts in applications such as Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager and Active Directory Federation Services. StrategicLink Consulting has developed IAM solutions for companies and organizations in industries as diverse as healthcare, education, and manufacturing. From unfamiliar legacy applications with limited or no integration capabilities to the latest cloud-based applications such as Office 365 and Google Apps, StrategicLink solution developers employ over a decade of single sign on (SSO), identity synchronization, and system integration experience to the table to solve the most difficult identity management challenges.

Colleges and Universities

Managing identities is ongoing and complex problem for IT organizations at colleges and universities. Users can have many roles and access requirements change on a daily basis. Students enroll and withdraw from courses and transfer in and out from the organization at an ever-increasing pace. From contract employees, to retirees and alumni faculty and administration identity management is also quite the complex problem. StrategicLink Consulting has developed many IAM solutions in this fast-paced environment. From integration and synchronization with Office 365 and Google Apps to tight integration with Banner and CampusVue student information systems as organizational authoritative sources, StrategicLink solutions ensure that tens of thousands of identities have the appropriate access at the appropriate time while freeing up administration and IT resources to work on other projects.

K-12 School Districts

StrategicLink solution developers have a wealth of experience integrating applications with all of the popular K-12 student information systems (SIS) in use in Pennsylvania. From eSchool Plus and Sapphire to Infinite Campus, PowerSchool, and CSIU, StrategicLink has built many IAM solutions for school districts throughout Pennsylvania. We integrate applications such as Follett Destiny (on premise and hosted), Performance Tracker, Office 365, Google Apps, Homegrown legacy applications and more. StrategicLink ensures that student, faculty, and administrative identities are created, synchronized, and removed from district systems. We employ flexible rule sets to implement district business rules using custom management agents built on Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager.

Online Education

An insurance industry certification and education organization needed to provide access to over a hundred thousand of members, students, and employees to their family of websites and applications. StrategicLink deployed a single sign on and identity self-service facility to present users with an integrated identity and login across all of their web properties. StrategicLink performed extensive discovery, planning, and documentation of existing environments, and proposed, designed, and built a robust high-performance solution.