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Lower Costs and Increase Productivity

SharePoint's tight integration with Microsoft Office, Outlook, SQL Server and third party applications lowers cost and increases productivity.

Key features and benefits of SharePoint systems:

Centralize the repositories and resources of your business and proactively respond to important business events with a secured SharePoint supported Intranet

Improve business insight and effectively monitor business drivers with a Digital Dashboard driven by SharePoint.

Simplify the exchange of information with customers through a secured SharePoint based Extranet

Ease the management and control of your Web site content via a SharePoint empowered Internet presence

Leverage Technology

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server can function as your company's sole business platform, supporting your Internet, Extranet and Intranet applications.

One platform means common user experience, common toolsets, common development strategy and common management.

One platform decreases the time and money associated with application management, training and support.

One platform increases the flow of information and productivity.

Let us help you leverage the technology.

Gain Knowledge through Our Proven Methodology

StrategicLink's experience with SharePoint in a number of markets makes it possible for us to appropriately match the strength of this tool with the unique needs of your organization. 

Partnering with StrategicLink will help you:

Plan it,  appropriately aligning your defined needs with SharePoint features.

Brand it, either replicating an established brand or designing a new look-and-feel.

Deploy it, transferring core knowledge to technical staff and providing end users with an introduction to your specific implementation in a classroom-like setting.

Support it, offering our professional services for initial or ongoing assistance as deemed necessary by your technical or management staff.