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Total Support Program

The information system platform is critical to day to day business.  Businesses expect a stable and robust computing platform that is available, healthy and secure on a 24x7 basis. Even when part of the network infrastructure is shifted to cloud services, the needs to proactively keep the platform healthy is essential.

StrategicLink Consulting, Inc. tailors its information technology support programs to suit each client’s needs.  Our total support program includes routine server health checks, managing and monitoring of patches and updates, system backups, upgrades, contract management, and budget planning.  This allows us to proactively address the smallest of system issues before they become critical. And when the "unplanned" or "unforseen" occurs, our responsive team will address and remediate any issues that arise, all in a timely manner.

StrategicLink’s Total Support Program is our flagship service that is not only proactive, but also responsive. Please contact StrategicLink and allow us to evaluate your IT service needs and craft a program that best meets your needs.